Su's Paintings

I have a mixed selection of canvases and collages for sale in the shop when they are not out at exhibitions.

Bright Painting with Attention to Detail

The clarity of the light in Andalusia, I’m sure, is responsible for my brightly coloured style of work.

As a young girl I was taught to draw what I could see with particular attention to detail. At just 17 Winchester college of Art gave me a place on their foundation course for the following year (students under 18 not admitted) but after working for a year the thought of returning to "school" was not very appealing!

Pavement Artist in Fine Art

Instead I spent some years as an itinerant pavement artist copying Rembrandt, Reynolds and Murillo (to name but a few) so I’d say the majority of my training was in fine art!

Decorative Art Inspired by Andalucian Beauty and Colour

Now I have developed my own style of decorative art, taking my inspiration from the beauty and colour that I see around me both here, on my travels and from the leafy meadows of my childhood...

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