Ceramics | Mosaic

I enjoy painting on all surfaces and have found decorating pottery very rewarding.

Painted Plant Pots and Tiles, Clay Jewellery

The crude unglazed plant pots available locally take the paint very well and are also transformed with mosaic.

Traditional tiles painted, varnished and glazed

The local traditional tiles painted with glass or ceramic paint make unusual and attractive additions to your home.

Classes for Clay and Mosaic

We use clay here to make pendants for jewellery, teach modeling in classes and have plans to install a pottery of our own. A foot operated potters wheel is already in use but we do not have a kiln as yet.

We also have workshops in mosaics for all ages, the details for which can be found on our What's On page, or on Facebook. These classes are for beginners upwards and teach you how to make something beautiful from your old left over tiles, pebbles, broken mirrors etc.

Perfect Gifts: Painted Pots & Mosaics

Both painted and mosaic these unique pots and tiles make the perfect gift, and not too large to fit in a suitcase either!

From traditional water bottles to wall lights and plant pots there is plenty of choice.

Something that little bit different.

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